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Alliance Solutions offers two ways for our employees to invest money for their future — with a 401(k) plan, a Roth 401(k), or with a Roth IRA.

401(k) Plan with Adventa Corporation. A 401(k) is a tax-qualified retirement savings plan that lets an employee save and invest for the future while deferring current income taxes on those savings and earnings. With this plan, earnings accrue on a tax-deferred basis. Caps placed by the plan and/or IRS regulations usually limit the percentage of salary deferral contributions an employee can make. The IRS also sets annual contribution limits on these accounts. There are also restrictions on how and when employees can withdraw these assets, and penalties may apply if the amount is withdrawn while an employee is under the retirement age as defined by the plan. Plans that allow participants to direct their own investments provide a core group of investment products from which participants may choose.

Roth IRA with Adventa Corporation. A Roth IRA is an individual retirement account that lets a person set aside after-tax income up to a specified amount each year. Usually sponsored by the employer, every penny placed in this investment savings account is like stashing money in a piggy-bank. You can dip into your contributions (but not your earnings) any time, tax-free and penalty-free. After the investor reaches age 59½, withdrawals of any money from the account (including investment gains) are tax-free.

The traditional 401(k) plan is funded with pretax money, which increases the amount invested in the account; however, all withdrawals are taxed. With a Roth IRA, which is also an after-tax program, it restricts investors with high income from participating, but the Roth 401(k) has no such restriction.

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