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BlueCross BlueShield has been one of the most trusted names in healthcare for over 75 years, and when you become a fulltime contractual employee with Alliance Solutions, you become one of over 3 million people insured by BlueCross BlueShield of Alabama.

800 Plan for Small Group Health Benefits. Alliance Solutions makes available to its fulltime contractual employees, BlueCross BlueShield of Alabama's most popular group health insurance plan, and it is available to employees within the first 30 days of hiring!

It features access to a 3-tier network of hospitals based on measureable performance, and includes inpatient and outpatient hospital coverage for physical ailments and illness, mental health, emergency services, and substance abuse. Also included is pharmacy card coverage for prescription drugs, preventative care, as well as home health, Hospice, and extended psychiatric services.

Blue Cross Preferred Care Program. Choose from a Preferred Medical Doctor (PMD) network of over 9,800 physicians statewide.

BlueCard PPO program. Take advantage of the PMD network on a national level and find a physician in any city or state in the country.

Costs. Both family plans and individual coverage plans with BCBS are competitive with other insurance companies, across the board in terms of costs and the extent of benefits themselves. Alliance Solutions makes it convenient for employees to pay their premiums with either full deductions taken out automatically from the first pay period of each month, or in weekly deductions, according to each employee's preference.

NOTE: Pre-Tax Deduction - If you have had consistent insurance coverage for the last 12-15 months, a letter of creditability from your current provider will waiver or reduce the pre-existing clause for prior medical issues.

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