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They are industries driven by winning, losing, sharing, and renewing contracts. By their very nature, missile defense, aerospace, avionics, and engineering companies all face unique recruiting challenges due to their ever-changing status and dynamic environment.

By outsourcing your contractual labor to Alliance Solutions, we facilitate this challenge by offering a flexible contract labor staffing strategy, customized to the distinctive needs of each project or contract. By providing contract labor and recruiting management services to our exclusively technical and engineering clients, we help you fill unambiguous positions quickly, proficiently, and on very short notice.

We utilize a nationwide database of technical professionals who, because their talents and skill sets are so highly specialized, can virtually take the initiative and “hit the ground running” from the first day on the job. Adaptable, versatile, decidedly knowledgeable, and generally accustomed to working short-term projects, Alliance Solutions effectively casts the right independent professional into the needed position for a finite, or even indefinite, duration.

Although contractors generally cost more on an hourly basis than a fully burdened employee, the long-term costs are significantly lower in the short-term.

It is all about balance, and Alliance Solutions offers management solutions that help you make wise fiscal decisions concerning the risks and logistics of hiring contractual, contract-to-hire, or fully burdened employees.

We offer several recruiting options, customized to fit your needs. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information concerning fee structures, rates, and strategic hiring plans.