employment services

They pour over hundreds of resumes and applications for every job—and even after narrowing it down to the most qualified candidates—your Human Resources department or HR manager is still facing lengthy and time-consuming interviews, background checks, drug testing, reference checks, education verification, and possibly even skills-testing. Whew!

Why put your HR team through all that when Alliance Solutions can streamline the process for you using intricately networked web-based management and recruiting systems that search locally, regionally, and nationally, to pinpoint only the best candidates for each individual job, no matter how specialized the required skill sets.

For long-term, direct hire positions (also known as Contingency Placement), it is important to hire the right person – a leader who will help your company grow and prosper; a person who is an investment asset in your business; whose work ethics, business philosophy, and career ambitions match your company’s goals. The costs involved with turning over one unqualified employee in the first 3 to 6 months of the job, can be as much as five times the annual salary of a good employee.

Alliance Solutions has high retention rates with all our customers that reflect our commitment to bringing you only the best, handpicked recruits. Experienced in dealing with the special needs of government prime contractors and subcontractors, we are experts at the preliminary process. We can quickly narrow the applicant pool; pre-screen and interview the most qualified candidates; identify and test for the diversity of skills needed; and perform all the necessary checks and balances to put the right person in the right position–fast!

Alliance Solutions offers several recruiting options, customized to fit your needs. Contact us for more information concerning fee structures, rates, and strategic hiring plans.