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Providing manufacturing support professionals for the aerospace, defense, and avionics industries for over 25 years, Alliance Solutions began noticing a significant increase in a unique specialization known as structural composite manufacturing, around the turn of the millennium.

Since about 2002, composite manufacturing has grown rapidly and the call for staffing to fill positions in this area has grown steadily. Our customers are now capable of total turnkey manufacturing processes that include designing, producing, testing, and analyzing composite constructions. Plants are now building composite parts manufacturing infrastructures that are greatly stimulating jobs and business growth in our three exclusive industries. These lighter weight composites are replacing heavy, individual components and companies are addressing staffing options that will further simplify the process and reduce production costs.

This amazingly lightweight manufacturing process demands staffing for materials processing, prototyping, lifecycle product management, and developers in the areas of specifications, standards, reporting, and design, to name a few.

Always ahead of the curve so we can meet the demands of the future, Alliance Solutions is providing a wide-ranging and highly diverse workforce for this emergent manufacturing sector.