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Defense, aircraft, and aerospace engineering recruiters
The right person. For the right company. Equals the right position.
“One perfect fit saves you money in the long run.”
For over 25 years Alliance Solutions has had a solid track record of successfully finding hard-to-find engineering and technical professionals who are the perfect fit for you.

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What We Offer

  • | Working with Alliance

    Alliance Solutions works one-on-one with your human resources department or human resources manager to clearly define your expectations for filling your current job openings. We are defense, aircraft, and aerospace engineering recruiters.

  • | Job Seekers

    Whether you are looking for a career change or have been recently laid off, Alliance Solutions specializes in hard-to-find candidates in over 25 engineering disciplines including aerospace, avionics, or missile defense.

  • | Alliance Benefits

    In today's volatile job market, a talented, skillful employee transcends salary. They should earn paid-time-off with flexible vacation, holiday, and sick days. Find out more about Alliance benefits.

  • | Client Services

    As a member of Alliance Solutions’ business family, you have carte blanche on a wide selection of cost-efficient staffing and management solutions, ranging from highly qualified short-term contractual professionals to long-term technical specialists and engineers whose hiring is an investment in your company’s future.

  • | Industry Services

    The aerospace, avionics and aircraft, and defense industries are special needs industries. By their very nature, they require flexibility in their hiring strategy; a diversity of talent and experience in their employees; and the ability to make modifications and adjustments in positions quickly and efficiently as they face challenges in government budgets, contracts, and compliance.

  • | Resources

    In a high tech world, data comes into us in the form of a series of blips and dashes, but Alliance Solutions is masterful at converting single strands of data into multiple streams of valuable information, which in turn transforms small endeavors into comprehensive solutions.

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