Industry Services

Industry Services
The aerospace, avionics and aircraft, and defense industries are special needs industries. By their very nature, they require flexibility in their hiring strategy; a diversity of talent and experience in their employees; and the ability to make modifications and adjustments in positions quickly and efficiently as they face challenges in government budgets, contracts, and compliance.

With over 25 years experience dealing with these challenges, Alliance Solutions does more than provide warm bodies to fill desks. We provide industry facts and statistics in the form of analytical data to enhance our knowledge about trends in salaries and benefits packages; to monitor college graduate programs so we can recruit the brightest talent straight out of school; and to stay current on the most accurate technology for prequalifying and prescreening potential workers. We can pinpoint recruits based not just on technical skills, but also on written aptitude, availability, expectations, and career goals.

Alliance Solutions walks in lock step with the aerospace, defense, and avionic industry to provide the most comprehensive management and recruiting solutions available today!

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Composite Manufacturing
Providing manufacturing support professionals for the aerospace, defense, and avionics industries for over 25 years, Alliance Solutions began noticing a significant increase in a unique specialization known as structural composite manufacturing, around the turn of the millennium.

Since about 2002, composite manufacturing has grown rapidly and the call for staffing to fill positions in this area has grown steadily. Our customers are now capable of total turnkey manufacturing processes that include designing, producing, testing, and analyzing composite constructions. Plants are now building composite parts manufacturing infrastructures that are greatly stimulating jobs and business growth in our three exclusive industries. These lighter weight composites are replacing heavy, individual components and companies are addressing staffing options that will further simplify the process and reduce production costs.

This amazingly lightweight manufacturing process demands staffing for materials processing, prototyping, lifecycle product management, and developers in the areas of specifications, standards, reporting, and design, to name a few.

Always ahead of the curve so we can meet the demands of the future, Alliance Solutions is providing a wide-ranging and highly diverse workforce for this emergent manufacturing sector.

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The US aerospace industry is the largest in the world contributing $86 billion in export sales to the U.S. economy in 2011. Alliance Solutions contributes to the hiring of the over 500,000 qualified technical workers and 700,000 aerospace-related occupations across the nation.

Alliance Solutions helps facilitate the employment of well-trained engineers, program managers, and other highly skilled technical workers with experience in the aerospace industry, to several aerospace manufacturers. Some of those positions include experience working on equipment and structural components for commercial and defense-related aircraft such as:

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    Alliance Solutions seeks specialists in the design and manufacture of stretcher systems, advanced life support, powered loading systems and seating.

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    Military and Law Enforcement

    Alliance Solutions seeks specialists in the design and manufacture of stretcher systems, advanced life support, armor, utility flooring, and seating.

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    Search and Rescue

    Alliance Solutions seeks specialists in the design and manufacture of stretcher systems, advanced life support, utility flooring, and seating.

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    VIP/Heads of State

    Alliance Solutions seeks specialists in the design and manufacture of stretcher systems, advanced life support, powered loading systems, armor, seating, VIP interiors, and galley equipment.

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    Alliance Solutions seeks specialists in the design and manufacture of utility flooring and seating.

The U.S. aviation industry makes up about 9% of the U.S.' GDP and generates more than 11 million U.S. jobs.

As the industry prepares to meet the challenges of the future, Alliance Solutions is contributing quality professionals to the workforce of over 380,000 nationwide. We work with national aircraft manufacturers to provide highly skilled engineers, program managers, and other specialized technical workers with experience working on equipment and structural components for commercial and defense-related aircraft such as the:

  • A330
  • A350 XWB
  • A380
  • A400
  • A320 final assembly family of aircraft
  • AS350 Eurocopter
  • Beachcraft King Air B200
  • Dassault Falcon 7X
  • KC-390 Embraer
  • Pilatus PC-12
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Semiconductor Manufacturing
Today, the design and manufacturing of semiconductors for the electronics industry is producing some of the most highly specialized fabrication facilities in the world. Alliance Solutions is excited about our most recent venture - offering support staff for this high tech industry.

The design and manufacture of semiconductors involve creating integrated electronic circuits on a wafer made with silicon and other pure semiconducting material to be used in everyday electronic devices including transistors, solar cells, and LEDs.

The main areas of semiconductor fabrication where Alliance Solutions is seeking expertise are:

  • Wafer Processing
  • Lithography
  • Device Architecture
  • Metrology
  • Micro-Electro-Mechanical systems (MEMs)
  • Light-emitting Diodes (LEDs)
  • 3D Integration
  • Mass-flow Controllers (MFCs)
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P&E Industrial Solutions
There is probably no other industry with a more diverse or aggressive approach to technology than the Powerand Energy fields, as well as Industrial Solutions.

Alliance Solutions is using its expertise in specialized engineering to recruit for this dynamic industry!

If it touches the electrical infrastructure, Alliance Solutions can help companies find professionals with expertise in advanced industrial technologies. From the design and manufacture of emergency generators and continuous power producing turbines, to producing critical power and electrical distribution technologies that drive everything in between, Alliance helps you hire professionals familiar with both new and existing technologies.

  • Commercial and Industrial Energy Method software
  • Occupancy-based HVAC and Lighting Energy Management systems
  • Energy Conservation
  • Green Technology
  • Sustainable Energy Design and Innovation
  • Nuclear Energy Engineering
  • Digital Energy
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The U.S. automotive design and manufacturing industry has the ability to mass-produce eight to 10 million automobiles annually.

Due to the size of the U.S. automotive market and our longstanding experience in recruiting highly specialized technicians and engineers for companies utilizing innovative technology, recruiting for advanced vehicular technology has been a natural progression for Alliance Solutions.

Auto fabrication involves the custom design of a vehicle mainframe, as well as interior and exterior components. If you have experience in any of the following areas, contact Belinda Parton:

  • Design Engineering
  • Major parts and assemblies
  • Structural Design
  • Drafting
  • Driver Control systems
  • Seating Control systems
  • Safety Hardware
  • Exterior Trim
  • Integrated Glass systems
  • Automotive Interior and Plastic Design
  • Automotive Hardware Design Engineering
  • Automotive Electronics and Wiring
  • Mechanical parts and systems for application to electric vehicles

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